Justine Bennett Consulting works with small business owners to grow their business and support them throughout the journey.

Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with business owners to build strong foundations, develop strategy, create plans, identify opportunities and maximise the potential of the business and the productivity and passion of the business owner and staff.

Marketing is a key focus area, ensuring that the client presents their business in a way that resonates with their target market.

Our aim is to assist you to operate your business simply and effectively in order to reach your targets. We do this by working with you through whichever stage your business is at, whether it is just beginning, growing phenomenally or needing some extra attention.

Our goal is to provide solutions and support that will continuously improve your business and your life.

We help you identify the possibilities and make those possibilities a reality.

Our range of services include:

Business support

Coaching, mentoring, brainstorming, confiding, strategising or checking in for accountability.

As the CEO or MD, it’s important to have a professional support structure. Ideally, someone outside of your immediate personal and professional network.

It will be someone who you can discuss your ideas, frustrations and challenges with. Someone who won’t get caught in the detail but will help you gain clarity, insight and direction. Someone you can be accountable to, who can push you to achieve your goals.

We can be that person who listens to you, supports you and challenges you to keep growing.

Knowledge centre

We aim to keep at the forefront of business trends, ideas and thinking. Tap into our knowledge centre for everything you need to know to build and grow your business, improve your strategy, mindset and productivity.

Systems and processes

These are the building blocks for your company. These are the intellectual property that businesses are bought and sold on. These are the tools that are used to train new staff and ensure both consistency and quality.

Whether you need to create your systems and processes or just refine and fine tune, we can help you pull them together, review, revise, improve and train your staff.

People Management

The first step in managing people within your business is to make sure they’re aligned to your culture and values. (Or take one step back and we can make sure you have an aligned purpose, mission and values so that you can build a great culture!)

Hiring great staff and managing them effectively is key to business growth and success.

From recruitment to performance management to rewards and work health and safety, if you get it right from the start, your team will be your biggest asset.

We can help you do that and more. You can outsource your HR to us or we can walk with you to train and build your confidence and competence in this crucial area.


Marketing is all about your message, your target market, your communication channels and consistency.

Your message must be clear, your market must be identified, your channels must be optimised and you must be consistently communicating and engaging so that they hear you and you hear them.

We work with you to define your strategy, create your plan and execute. Our aim is to get your target market to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you.

We assist with planning, executing plans, writing, social media, website creation and management, newsletters and creating sales funnels.

Writing, proofing & editing

Professional writing needs to be engaging, informative, interesting, accurate and authentic.

It needs to build on your message, your brand, your field of expertise.

We offer writing, proofing and editing services for websites, e-books, blogs, scripts and magazines.

We can even ghostwrite your book or work with you to plan content, identify gaps and fill them.


To find out how we can help you, please contact us via email or call Justine on 0413 873 288.