Justine Bennett has a background in small business management and consulting. Finding solutions, developing strategies, bringing together resources and getting the job done are skills that she has honed throughout her career.

Starting in a fast moving sales and service role in the number one snow ski importer in Australia, Justine learnt the value of relationship building, teamwork and the importance of delivering results.

Moving into corporate services and human resources for a regional airline she became a master of organisation, problem solving and making sure all the “t”s were crossed.

Working with a major Australian not-for-profit Justine truly learnt how to juggle – balancing business management with face-to-face client work all whilst trying to maintain a balance between work and life.
Since 2002 Justine has been using her skills and experiences to work as a consultant with business owners to help them grow their business.

Partnering with a trusted network of service providers, Justine has the ability to call in for additional specialist support when required by clients.

Justine loves a challenge, is passionate about helping people and loves nothing more than seeing people live their purpose.